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Old Timey Crimey #133: Haunted Dolls - ”Disembodied Voices”

Old Timey Crimey #133: Haunted Dolls - ”Disembodied Voices”

October 1, 2021

Spookyween commences with an examination of dolls that just so happen to be surrounded by weird activity. It's a total coincidence, clearly. Also a coincidence: that the podcast host wouldn't allow us to upload episode art. 

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Old Timey Crimey #123: Charley Ross - “Tea Party”

Old Timey Crimey #123: Charley Ross - “Tea Party”

July 23, 2021

The kidnapping that changed kidnapping in America. 

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Old Timey Crimey #114: The Princes in the Tower (Pt 2) - “Princeducken”

Old Timey Crimey #114: The Princes in the Tower (Pt 2) - “Princeducken”

May 21, 2021

We continue to delve into one of history's greatest mysteries--what happened to the young would-be king of England after his uncle sent him and his brother to the tower? We finish up this two-parter with a discussion of theories and bones. Featuring special guest, Hugo-nominated fanzine editor Chris Garcia!

Find more of Chris: Dial-a-Crime, Zodiac Speaking, Short Story Short Podcast, Journey Planet, The Drink Tank & Claims Department

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Bonus Episode - Old TINY Crimey #24: Levi Weeks

Bonus Episode - Old TINY Crimey #24: Levi Weeks

June 1, 2020

Kristy tells Scott and Amber about a torrid love affair that ended horribly, with special appearances from a famous American founding father and a vice president.



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Old Timey Crimey #36: Pauline Picard - “Is this yours?”

Old Timey Crimey #36: Pauline Picard - “Is this yours?”

November 22, 2019

This week we're looking at the tragic and unforgettable case of Pauline Picard, a toddler who disappeared from France in 1922--and then came back. Or did she?

Plus: reminiscing about childhood roaming, book talk, and frog talk.

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Old Timey Crimey #29: The Mad Gasser of Mattoon - “Burger King and Paralysis”

Old Timey Crimey #29: The Mad Gasser of Mattoon - “Burger King and Paralysis”

October 4, 2019

We're starting off our month-long Halloween series with a fit of the vapors! Our first Halloween episode will take us to the mad, mad world of Mattoon, Illinois in 1944, where the "Phantom Anesthetist" attacked dozens of people with...well, we still don't know. But we have theories and rampant speculation, as always.

And don't miss several seriously random fun facts involving fast food restaurants, popular comic books, and well-known children's writers. Plus helium voices and a truly beautiful Broadway song commemorating this week's topic. 

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Thanks for listening, and remember: just, you know, don't gas people. 



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Old Timey Crimey #22: Louis Le Prince - “The More You Don’t Know”

Old Timey Crimey #22: Louis Le Prince - “The More You Don’t Know”

August 16, 2019

Kristy and Scott take a look at the mysterious case of Louis Le Prince, a man with fabulous facial hair and a true passion for invention. He should have become one of the top names in the annals of innovation, but fate--or maybe Thomas Edison--got in the way. We'll look at the case and the four main theories that try to explain just what happened to this historical genius. 

Don't miss Kristy's Edison Elephant Outrage, Scott's incredible obliteration of supposed new evidence in the case, and some exclamation point guidelines. 

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