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Old Timey Crimey #136: France‘s Teen Werewolf - ”Indecent Headdress”

Old Timey Crimey #136: France‘s Teen Werewolf - ”Indecent Headdress”

October 22, 2021

Jean Grenier, a teen boy in 17th century France, had a troubled home life. When he left home to try to survive on his own, no one could have guessed he'd make history as the youngest person ever convicted of lycanthropy. 

Also, Amber explains how a headdress can be indecent, and we discuss the devil's proclivities. 

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Old Timey Crimey #130: Mary Bateman - ”Else It Will Not Do”

Old Timey Crimey #130: Mary Bateman - ”Else It Will Not Do”

September 10, 2021

The tale of Mary Bateman, aka the Yorkshire witch: a woman who was chronically incapable of going to the store. She also never met a scam she did like or a sheet she couldn't steal. 


Catherine Curzon on Mental Floss.

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Old Timey Crimey #114: The Princes in the Tower (Pt 2) - “Princeducken”

Old Timey Crimey #114: The Princes in the Tower (Pt 2) - “Princeducken”

May 21, 2021

We continue to delve into one of history's greatest mysteries--what happened to the young would-be king of England after his uncle sent him and his brother to the tower? We finish up this two-parter with a discussion of theories and bones. Featuring special guest, Hugo-nominated fanzine editor Chris Garcia!

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Chill Wave by Kevin MacLeod
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Old Timey Crimey #108: Violet Gibson - “Trains and Ladies”

Old Timey Crimey #108: Violet Gibson - “Trains and Ladies”

April 9, 2021

A woman born into privilege tries to change history and comes closer than anyone else to doing so--and she doesn't even travel in time! That we know of. 

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Old Timey Crimey #66: Francis Tumblety - “The Joe Exotic of Medicine”

Old Timey Crimey #66: Francis Tumblety - “The Joe Exotic of Medicine”

June 19, 2020
Scott, Kristy, and Amber delve into the weird, wild shenanigans of Francis Tumblety, the Joe Exotic of medicine. This guy started in porn, moved on to "medicine," and finished up as...possibly Jack the Ripper. (But probably not Jack the Ripper.)
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Introducing Detectives by the Decade

Introducing Detectives by the Decade

June 15, 2020

A podcast exploring the history of forensic science, tracing the timeline from primitive toxicology to DNA. Host Kristy Baxter discusses the scientists, detectives, and cases that drove the development of investigative techniques from the 1500s to the 21st century. 

Premiering June 25, 2020. New episodes release every Thursday wherever you listen to podcasts. 


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Old Timey Crimey #65: Leonarda Cianculli - “Advice for Fortune Tellers”

Old Timey Crimey #65: Leonarda Cianculli - “Advice for Fortune Tellers”

June 12, 2020

Scott, Amber, and Kristy discuss Leonarda Cianculli, the Soap Maker of Correggio. Scott explains what's wrong with fortune tellers, palm readers, and "psychics."

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Old Timey Crimey #64: John George Haigh - “Worst Game of Cinderella Ever”

Old Timey Crimey #64: John George Haigh - “Worst Game of Cinderella Ever”

June 5, 2020

This week we delve into the fraud, murder, and body disposal tactics of John George Haigh, aka The Acid Bath Murderer. It's finger-lickin' good...

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Old Timey Crimey #34: Madame Fahmy - “Bratzels”

Old Timey Crimey #34: Madame Fahmy - “Bratzels”

November 8, 2019

She's the sex worker who made it work. This week, we're looking at Madame Fahmy, born Marguerite Alibert, and her tragic youth, tumultuous relationships, and a murder that would rock the British royal family.

Plus, we question whether bigamy is a gateway drug, invent a new (and delicious-sounding) food, and discuss what serial killers and 1900s British lawyers have in common.

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Old Timey Crimey #23: Eugene Francois Vidocq - “Halloween Costume Indecisiveness”

Old Timey Crimey #23: Eugene Francois Vidocq - “Halloween Costume Indecisiveness”

August 23, 2019

Scott and Kristy look at Eugene Francois Vidocq, a man who just couldn't decide what he wanted to be--unless he was escaping from jail. From traveling entertainer to swordsman, from traitor to fake aristocrat, he did it all and SO. MUCH. MORE.

This man did not know how to handle a promotion or learn from experience, but he knew how to keep everyone guessing.

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