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Old Timey Crimey #136: France‘s Teen Werewolf - ”Indecent Headdress”

October 22, 2021

Jean Grenier, a teen boy in 17th century France, had a troubled home life. When he left home to try to survive on his own, no one could have guessed he'd make history as the youngest person ever convicted of lycanthropy. 

Also, Amber explains how a headdress can be indecent, and we discuss the devil's proclivities. 

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Jan Machielsen on Not Even Past.org and on Taylor & Francis Online

The Cultural Construction of Monstrous Children: Essays on Anomalous Children From 1595 to the Present Day by Simon Bacon and Leo Ruickbie

Wikipedia: Witch’s mark

Lapham’s Quarterly

Gary Zabel’s essay Witchcraft and the Occult, 1400-1700

Richard Payne Knight – Pierre de Lancre’s Full Account of the Witches’ Sabbath

Not Just the Tudors


Plucky Daisy by Kevin MacLeod
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Dark Impression by Horst Hoffmann
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Evil Plan by Kevin MacLeod
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