Old Timey Crimey

Old Timey Crimey #17: Hans Schmidt Part II - Schmidt Gets Real

July 12, 2019

Warning: The content in this episode gets a little more graphic than our usual fare. Listener discretion is advised. 

In our very first "Deep Dive," we return to the Severin' Reverend with a look at the true crime book Killer Priest: The Crimes, Trial, and Execution of Father Hans Schmidt by Mark Gado. We'll learn more about Schmidt's childhood (including EVEN MORE disturbing interactions with backyard fowl), the strange behavior that earned him the nickname "The Crazy Priest," the murder of Anna Aumuller, and some jailhouse details. 

PLUS: We discuss whether Schmidt was "full Rasputing it," you'll get your OTC child-rearing tip of the week, and we talk about what we'd have for a last meal. 

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