Old Timey Crimey

Old Timey Crimey #6: Texarkana Moonlight Murders, Part 1

April 26, 2019

Scott and Kristy traumatize the crap out of themselves with Part 1 of their first two-parter! It's time for murder and mayhem that sends a small town into a frenzy--you might even say it's the disco ball of serial murders. Join us for Texas Ranger Captain Manuel "Lone Wolf" Gonzaullas, teenage vigilantes, and what is likely the first film to turn a trombone into a weapon.

We're running our first ever contest! Leave us a 5-star review on iTunes with a limerick about the Dr. Crippen case (Episode 5), anything to beat the "Naughty boy, ship's ahoy!" song. Scott and Kristy will choose their top 3 favorites and put it to a public vote on our Facebook group. And remember, iTunes isn't a fan of the R-rated words in their reviews, so...don't swear as much as we do. 

Submit your review + limerick by May 16, 2019. Vote will be held from midnight May 17 to noon May 20, 2019, and the top vote getter wins an Old Timey Crimey t-shirt featuring our logo and your limerick! Continental U.S. only. 

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